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Title: Decentralization in the System of Regional Socio-economic Development Prerequisites: International Experience for Ukraine
Authors: Петкова, Леся Омелянівна
Keywords: decentralization;regional;local government;sustainable development;long-term strategy;local communities
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Global Partnership for Local Sustainable Development: Modern Trends and Best Practices: monograph / [ed. by L. O Petkova, O. Yu. Berezina, Andrzej Kryński] – Czestochowa, 2018. – 207 p
Abstract: The processes of decentralization, launched in Ukraine in 2014 due to the adoption of a number of laws in accordance with the provisions of the European Charter of local self-government, are designed to ensure the modernization of public administration, lay the foundations for the effective local government, the conditions for improving living standards of the society. The transfer of parts of competences and resources of financial security at the level of local communities forms motivation and helps achieve a sustainable development at the local level.The spatial aspects of the economic development of countries largely determine the model of the political system, the structure and efficiency of the economic system, the strategy of the State economic policy. Reduction of the spatial differentiation, convergence appears to approach the levels of a socio-economic development of the regions, which is a necessary condition for maintaining the integrity of the national economy and long-term strategy of its growth. Decentralization reform provides a qualitative change of the territorial organisation of the management of the economic development of the country. Its success requires a high level of responsibility of the local authorities in the new conditions and advanced features, activating the participation of local communities in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of local development, increased the State information policy of decentralization issues.
Number of Pages: 58-66
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