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dc.contributor.authorЗубко, Ігор Анатолійович-
dc.description.abstractМетою даної роботиє розробка алгоритму перевірки працездатності компонентів ФОС спеціального призначення для фізичної науково-дослідної моделі.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this work is to develop an algorithm for testing the performance of components of the FOS special purpose for the physical research model. This will reduce the cost of time and resources, as well as on the process of checking the performance of the hardware implementation of components of the FOS special purpose and their design. The article is devoted to the development of an algorithm for testing the functionality of a functional-oriented system component, which is based on the software modules of the Quartus II package, software components for the AVR microcontroller of the Arduino UNO test board and the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. A physical research model has been used to verify the conversion process in the proposed component of the FOS of a special purpose. As a subject of verification for the study of the conversion process in the component of the FOS special purpose proposed a figurative sign model of a multi-functional table-logic coprocessor, which has a reduced memory capacity at least twice, due to the use of the same values of corrective constants Results and conclusion. The developed algorithm makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the design process of special purpose computers as follows: it allows you to prove the operability of its hardware implementation, is universal for checking the operability of the conversion process of various binary-code combinations, and also allows you to speed up the design process of special purpose computers and / or their components, reduce material and energy-hourly costs in hardware implementation of the developed models special purpose calculatorsuk_UA
dc.publisherСистеми управління навігації та зв'язкуuk_UA
dc.subjectфункціонально-орієнтовані системиuk_UA
dc.subjectобчислювач спеціального призначенняuk_UA
dc.subjectдвійково-кодові комбінаціїuk_UA
dc.subjectперевірка працездатностіuk_UA
dc.subjecthealth checkuk_UA
dc.subjectdual-code combinationsuk_UA
dc.subjectspecial purpose calculatoruk_UA
dc.subjectfunction-oriented systemsuk_UA
dc.titleАлгоритм перевірки працездатності компонента функціонально-орієнтованої системи спеціального призначенняuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeThe algorithm for testing the functionality of a component of a function-oriented special purpose systemuk_UA
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