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Title: Лексико-семантичні особливості фразеологізмів із кольором чорний у англійській мові
Other Titles: Lexico-semantic features of phraseological units with the color black in English
Authors: Грон, Юлія Григорівна
Keywords: фразеологічна одиниця;кольоропозначення;конотація;колірний компонент;phraseological unit;color value;chromatic;achromatic colors;connotation;color component
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Львівський філологічний часопис
Abstract: У пропонованому дослідженні розглянуто особливості фразеологічних одиниць із колірним компонентом "чорний" з точки зору їх семантики. Кольори в англійській мові варіюються у своєму значенні на позначення лексичних одиниць, що не тільки відображають сприйняття відтінку кольорової гами людиною, але також є своєрідним виразником спектру емоцій людини. Вагомий вплив на сприйняття і тракутвання кольору має лінгвокультурний аспект.
The proposed study examines the features of phraseological units with a color component "black" from the point of view of their semantics. It was revealed that there is a number of studies aimed at analyzing certain aspects of phraseo- logical units, namely linguistic and non-linguistic characteristics. Colors in the English language vary in their meaning to denote lexical units, which not only reflect the perception of the hue of the color by a person, but also is a kind of expression of the spectrum of human emotions. The perception and interpretation of color is significantly influenced by the ling- vocultural aspect, as the interpretation of a concept of colour originates from the cultural-ethnic origin and psychological foundations that are laid at the subconscious level. During the analysis, all the selected lexemes were divided into several groups. Thus, ten phraseological units reflect the mental and emotional state of a person, eight-illness or physical condition, three phraseological units are associated with clothing, five denote the other side, the other five are related to food, eleven mean natural dates, eleven more are associated with the historical events, names, seven reflect the vocation of a person and the last group of phraseological units with a component "black" is the vocabulary that is used in work and business. Black-based lexemes are used in such meanings as sadness, sorrow, danger, death, hatred, treachery, enmity, injustice. In descriptions of the appearance of heroes black color has positive connotation, that is designates a certain refinement in clothes, beauty, in descriptions of an interior, expresses welfare, etc.
ISSN: 2663-340X (print)
2663-3418 (online)
DOI: 10.32447/2663-340X-2019-6-6
Issue: 6
First Page: 39
End Page: 43
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