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Title: The Concept of Integrated Information Technology of Enterprises Project Activities Management Implementation
Authors: Teslia, Iurii
Khlevna, Iulia
Yehorchenkov, Oleksii
Zaspa, Hryhoriy
Khlevnyi, Andrii
Тесля, Юрій Миколайович
Заспа, Григорій Олександрович
Keywords: enterprises project activity;information management;software and information superstructure
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Abstract: The analysis of modern software tools for project management is performed. The functional The analysis of modern software tools for project management is performed. The functional incompleteness of these tools is shown from the standpoint of providing projects with information, resources, finance and permitting decisions. The analysis concluded that it is necessary to create tools for managing the processes of acquisition and delivery of resources under the project plan, budgeting, management of interactions with external management entities, management of operational activities aimed at producing products for projects. Based on this, the objectives and purpose of the study are formulated, which is to develop a concept of project management systems integration with project provision management systems into a single information technology of enterprises project activities management and the allocation of information management core as a tool for information management in enterprises project activities. As a supporting component, it is proposed to use software and information superstructure over project management software tools. The control functions that these systems must perform are given. It is shown that the use of software and information superstructures together with project management software tools requires the creation of an information and control core, which will take over the intersystem information interaction in the processes of project management and project provision management. It is proposed to use the enterprises and projects information management system PrimaNad as such information-control core. The functions of this system are given and templates of the basic processes of enterprises project activity management realization are developed
ISSN: 1613-0073
Volume: 2851
First Page: 143
End Page: 152
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