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Title: Computer modeling of forming surface by sequential wire electrodischarge-electrochemical machining
Authors: Plakhotnyi, Oleksandr
Timchenko, Oleksii
Osypenko, Vasyl
Плахотний, Олександр Петрович
Тімченко, Олексій Володимирович
Осипенко, Василь Іванович
Keywords: surface shape accuracy;electrochemical machining;EDM/ECM combined process;ruled surface formation
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Abstract: The mathematical principles of computer modeling of the surface’s formation process using the combined sequential technology of electrodischarge cutting and electrochemical machining by a wire electrode are developed. The data of computer modeling of complex surface formation processes using this technology, their analysis and the results of experimental verification are presented in this article. It is proved that the use of computer modeling methods allows to improve the surface forming accuracy and the quality of the parts` surface, which are manufactured by this modern promising technology.
ISSN: 1613-0073
Issue: 2353
First Page: 744
End Page: 754
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