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Title: Investigation of influence of technological factors on consumption properties formation in milk-cherry smoothie
Authors: Івашина, Лілія Леонідівна
Дзюба, Надія Анатоліївна
Колісниченко, Тетяна Олександрівна
Палвашова, Ганна Ігорівна
Поплавська, Світлана Олександрівна
Ємонакова, Оксана Олександрівна
Сефіханова, Катерина Анатоліївна
Новік, Ганна Вікторівна
Суткович, Тетяна Юліанівна
Ivashina, Liliya
Dzyuba, Nadya
Poplavska, Svitlana
Palvashova, Anna
Yemonakova, Oksana
Kolisnichenko, Tatiana
Sefikhanova, Katerina
Novik, Anna
Sutkovich, Tatyana
Keywords: foam formation;rheological parameters of foams;smoothie
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: EUREKA: Life Sciences
Abstract: The aim of our work is to study the structure of the food system of milk-cherry smoothie with given high consumption indices (increased content of macronutrients and easily-assimilated protein); it allows to widen the assortment of healthy beverages at enterprises of restaurant economy. The effectiveness of functioning of restaurant economy enterprises is, in the first turn, determined by the extent, to which their strategic actions correspond to long-term market requirements. A market condition in the field of restaurant economy is a driver for developing innovative products and technologies for getting culinary products. At developing aerated products, the main factor of getting a high-quality one is technological regimes for getting an aerated structure. An influence of temperature and shaking time on the foam-forming ability of a food system and smoothie form stability, including milk whey, cherry juice, apple pectin and collagen hydrolysate, was studied. It has been established, that most foam-formation (62 %) is attained at shaking smoothie under the following conditions: temperature – 10 oС, shaking time – 90 seconds. The maximal number of air bubbles in smoothie has the diameter d=(0,32±0,01) mm. High multiplicity indices of the smoothie foam structure (250 %) characterize the high product stability index. The obtained data as to the development of the technological process of getting the aerated smoothie structure give a possibility to recommend the developed technology for producing smoothie at restaurant economy enterprises.
DOI: 10.21303/2504-5695.2019.001017
Issue: 6
First Page: 23
End Page: 28
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