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dc.contributor.authorРябуха, Юрій-
dc.contributor.authorБараннік, Дмитро-
dc.contributor.authorТвердохліб, Віталій-
dc.contributor.authorБараннік, Валерій-
dc.contributor.authorКуліца, Олег-
dc.contributor.authorФауре, Еміль Віталійович-
dc.contributor.authorОдарченко, Роман Сергійович-
dc.description.abstractThe principle of constructing a method for encoding a video stream, aimed at reducing the structural redundancy of fragments of video frames, is considered. Moreover, the developed method allows us to consider fragments of a video frame in the form of separate code structuresuk_UA
dc.publisherInternational Workshop on Cyber Hygiene (CybHyg-2019), Kyiv, Ukraine, November 30, 2019. CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Vol. 2654uk_UA
dc.subjectstructural redundancyuk_UA
dc.subjectvideo processinguk_UA
dc.subjecttelecommunication systemsuk_UA
dc.subjectdata protectionuk_UA
dc.titleMethod for Encoding Video Frame Fragments Based on Non-Equilibrium Codes with Minimization of Service Datauk_UA
dc.typePublication in Conference Proceedingsuk_UA
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