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Title: Optimization of autoservice enterprises activity based on the current state indicators
Authors: Mateichyk, Vasyl
Tarandushka, Liudmyla
Kostian, Nataliia
Матейчик, Василь
Тарандушка, Людмила Анатоліївна
Костьян, Наталія Леонідівна
Keywords: autoservice enterprises;optimizing
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Politechnika Rzeszowska
Abstract: A functional model of monitoring the performance of autoservice enterprises for optimization their activity by standard IDEF0 was developed and a mathematical dependence for the calculation of current state enterprise indicators was obtained. Approbation of the proposed methodology was carried out on the basis of autoservice enterprises in Cherkassy. A discrepancy between the actual and normative current state enterprise indicators was detected by this model and the direction of their restructuring was identified. In the framework of the restructuring, the stages of the algorithm for selecting the optimal organization form of enterprise are proposed.
ISBN: 978-83-7934-230-3
First Page: 91
End Page: 99
Book Title: Systemy i srodki transport samochodowego. Problemy eksploatacji i diagnostyki: wybrane zagadnienia: monografia. Seria: Transport
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