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Title: Investigation of the measuring process of the active chlorine concentration distribution in drinking water
Authors: Котенко, Анатолій Іванович
Трембовецька, Руслана Володимирівна
Тичков, Володимир Володимирович
Гальченко, Володимир Якович
Kotenko, A.I.
Trembovetska, R.V.
Tychkov, V.V.
Halchenko, V.Ya.
Keywords: measuring control;water disinfection;active chlorine;drinking water;water quality and suitability
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: Датчики, прилади та системи–2019 : збірник праці VІІI Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції, Черкасии – Херсон - Лазурне, вересень 2019.
Abstract: In the practice of drinking water production in our country, as well as all over the world, chlorination is still the main method of water disinfection, because today it is the most affordable, economical and effective method of disinfection. Chlorination allows the microbiological safety of water in the distribution network throughout the water movement at any time due to the effect of prolonged chlorine action. The use of flow-injection method of analysis allows automating the process of measuring control of residual active chlorine in drinking water
First Page: 34
End Page: 36
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