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Title: Проблема реабілітації природного в економічній теорії
Other Titles: The problem of rehabilitation of the natural in the economic theory
Authors: Єрмоленко, Валентин Адамович
Keywords: Ренесанс;Істина;Добро;Краса;природне;Renaissance;Truth;Goodness;Beauty;the natural
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Гуманітарний вісник ЧДТУ. Серія: Філософські науки
Abstract: Протягом останніх 22 років Україна перебуває у стані системної кризи, причини якої треба шукати у минулому. Аналізові причин сучасного економічного стану нашої країни та пошукам шляхів її подолання присвячена ця стаття.
Ukraine over the last 22 years in a state of ruin. Why? And most importantly, «How to live ?» A significant array of answers to these questions is in the plane of analysis of the past. But as Researchers Systematic work related to reflection and analysis of the period, not by far. One of the important problems is the scientific study of the theoretical origins of totalitarianism in the theory of Marx and Engels. Instead offered as a tromp as «stabilized Marxism». Intentional errors also believe that the main reason totalitarianism of the Soviet period is the specificity of the historical development of the Russian people. Indeed, the «spectre of communism», «wandered through Europe» and sat in it. But he was not a product that has been produced by nature of the Russian people. External factors influenced the devastating openness Ukraine. At the beginning of a turning point or all the people and nations focus on self-knowledge, self-determination, to feel the new time and somehow self-isolate. Each generation is also trying to somehow separate, «close» the elders to live differently. Without it there would be no development. However, the reality is determined primarily future time, as people live mainly future. Crucial in overcoming various obstacles and risks of Ukraine belongs to the elite, and especially its leaders, who are in our essence potential developments of the past and must have developed a sense of future time as «anticipatory reflection», to carefully, wisely synthesize time. National idea worked, doing and will do all Ukrainian indefinitely, but can not create it, as this is the level of absolute truth, but every moment they have to give specific answers to specific challenges. Global challenges include issues of meaning in life. If you follow the philosophical paradigm Arne Goethe on this issue, the Ukraine has the potential to solve their problems and because they needed to make their contribution to solving global problems of mankind
Volume: 23
Issue: 4
First Page: 147
End Page: 154
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