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Title: Концентрична інформаційна технологія організації цифрової трансформації освітньої діяльності закладів вищої освіти
Other Titles: Concentric information technology of organization of digital transformation of higher education institutions educational activity
Authors: Заспа, Григорій Олександрович
Keywords: цифровізація;цифрова трансформація;заклади вищої освіти;концентрична інформаційна технологія;управління інформацією;інформаційно-аналітична система
Issue Date: 19-Mar-2021
Abstract: У дисертації вирішено актуальну наукову задачу, яка полягає в розробці методів і моделей цифровізації закладів вищої освіти на основі об’єднання всіх функцій, процедур і інформаційних баз в єдину концентричну інформаційну технологію цифрової трансформації освітньої діяльності закладів вищої освіти (ЗВО). Розроблено: концепцію концентричної інформаційної технології цифрової трансформації ЗВО; концентричну модель інформаційної технології цифрової трансформації ЗВО; метод управління інформацією ЗВО. Удосконалено модель міжшарової взаємодії в концентричній інформаційній технології. Отримав подальший розвиток метод формування інформаційної технології вирішення функціональних задач ЗВО. Запропоновану концентричну інформаційну технологію було використано при створенні інформаційно-аналітичної системи підтримки освітньої діяльності, яка може використовуватись ЗВО. Результати роботи впроваджені в Черкаському державному технологічному університеті.
The dissertation solves a scientific problem, which consists in the development of methods and models of higher education institutions (HEI) digitalization on the basis of combining all functions, procedures and information bases into a single concentric information technology of educational activities digital transformation. The history and trends of digital transformation principles implementation in Ukraine and in the world are investigated. It is noted that in recent years, digital transformation in Ukraine has appeared among the priorities of public policy, as evidenced by the creation of the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Analysis of the implementation of information systems in enterprises and organizations showed that it usually occurs gradually and in fragments, so the typical scheme of informatization is the use of several systems developed at different time on different platforms in accordance with different understandings of the subject area. That is, there are separate technological "islands", often unrelated, in which there may be a lot of duplication of data and duplication of procedures for working with data. When there are several separate information systems (IS) at the enterprise or institution or when purchasing a third-party system, the issue of these systems integration arises, which is a costly part of information systems development and implementation. The issue of digitalization of education is studied. It is noted that digitalization is a mandatory and priority part of education reform and in the last decade the focus of informatization has shifted from automation to the transformation paradigm. It is determined that there is a lack of a unified systematic approach to university digitalization. The purpose of the dissertation is formulated: to increase the efficiency of educational activities by creating and using concentric information technology of educational activities digital transformation, which will integrate all information bases, methods and tools of higher education institution functional problems solving into a single digital space. The concept of concentric information technology of HEI digital transformation is developed, which includes five-layer structure of this technology, concepts and principles of its construction, technological classification of digital space filling, which creates scientific and methodical basis for construction of concentric information technology of higher education institutions digital transformation models and methods. A multi-layered model of information technology of HEI digital transformation has been developed, which allows to integrate methods and tools of information management in order to create a single digital space of HEI educational activities. A method of higher education institutions information management has been developed, based on the allocation of standard tools for forming the HEI information environment, which allows to create universal tools for digitalization of educational activities, independent of the composition and specifics of functional tasks. The model of interlayer interaction in concentric information technology of HEI digital transformation is improved, which defines necessary changes in technology of information processing in one layer, at changes in information technology of another layer that allows to react flexibly to development of HEI educational environment to meet information needs of higher education institutions. The method of forming the information technology for solving higher education institutions functional problems was further developed, which differs from others by using the information base of the information management system, which minimizes the cost of solving functional problems of HEI digital transformation. The proposed multi-layered information technology of educational activities digital transformation was used in the creation of information-analytical system of educational activities support, which can be used by higher education institutions. Within the framework of this system the following were developed: databases structures that make up the information base layers; algorithms and software for implementing information management technology layer, information technology for solving HEI functional problems layer and technology for supporting HEI activities layer. The results of the work are implemented at Cherkasy State Technological University.
Number of Pages: 172
Specialization: 05.13.06 – Інформаційні технології
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