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Title: Technologies of political management in the conditions of systemic economic crises
Other Titles: Технології політичного управління в умовах системних економічних криз
Authors: Makarenko, Lilia
Grygor, Oleg
Boyko, Anzhela
Husarina, Nataliia
Chukhrai, Ihor
Chukhrai, Nataliia
Григор, Олег Олександрович
Бойко, Анжела Іванівна
Keywords: economic crises;globalization;political governance;political management
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: International Journal of Management
Abstract: In the context of deep globalization processes taking place in the national economy, the effectiveness of the mechanism of political governance in the context of systemic economic crises becomes essential. From the standpoint of the diversity of the consequences of the economic crisis, in the process of forming the components of the mechanism of political governance must take into account the non-simultaneity of crises at different levels of the economy. A feature of the development of a system of political governance in the process of overcoming the crisis should be the use of various levers of influence as a single mutually agreed system. It is vital in crisis situations to maintain a constant readiness to counter the causes of the economic crisis, which can occur at any time. In fact, each form of political governance system must, to some extent be anti-crisis, and the socioeconomic system must be adapted to long-term existence with the ability to adapt to changing conditions.
ISSN: 0976-6502(print)
DOI: 10.34218/IJM.11.7.2020.063
Volume: 11
Issue: 7
First Page: 734
End Page: 744
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