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Title: Роль криптовалюти для інформаційної економіки України та світу
Other Titles: The role of cryptocurrency for Ukraine and world information economy
Authors: Вишневська, Анастасія Олегівна
Keywords: криптовалюта;майнінг;біткоїн;інформаційні технології;cryptocurrency;mining;bitcoin;information technologies
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Збірник наукових праць Черкаського державного технологічного університету. Серія: Економічні науки
Abstract: За останнє десятиліття в сферу інформаційної економіки стрімко увійшов термін «крипто- валюта», який вже набрав популярність і має потенційно велику значимість для проведення різних операцій завдяки своїй захищеності і надійності. Стаття присвячена короткому огляду віртуальних валют світу та України, принципів їх роботи й легалізації, також висвітлено їх проблемні питання.
Over the last 10 years the term "cryptocurrency", which has already gained popularity and is potentially important for carrying out various operations due to its security and reliability, has brashly appeared in the field of information economy. The economy is the main area of its application, but potentially the technology is useful for a variety of industries, and most of its capabilities only might be used in practice. The article is devoted to a brief overview of virtual currencies of the world and Ukraine, the principles of its work and legalization, also their problematic issues are highlighted. In the modern world, the development of information technologies is accelerated. IT sphere is closely and dynamically integrated into all sectors of the world economy, directly affecting the overall growth of economic and social indicators of enterprises and organizations. The understanding of the importance of information technologies for the formation of stable competitive positions of organizations, the development of all areas of activity, the improvement of the quality of goods and services leads to a steady demand for these technologies. In this way there is a mutual influence of the IT sphere and other economic sectors in external environment. For Ukraine, the IT sphere is particularly important because it is capable of smoothing these phenomena with the help of rapid development, as well as ensuring the functioning of many related industries. And, as a conclusion, the potential of cryptocurrency generation technology is rather many-sided, and one can create many more interesting, useful and beneficial applications of this technology. Its promise also lies in the fact that any initiatives can be initiated by a small group or even one participant for their clients, and then without much effort spread to the entire market.
ISSN: 2306-4420
Issue: 47
First Page: 13
End Page: 17
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