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Title: Approaches to agricultural enterprises positioning
Authors: Subotina, Julia
Serhienko, Oleksandr
Суботіна, Юлія Олегівна
Сергієнко, Олександр Анатолійович
Keywords: positioning;positioning of agricultural products;marketing strategy;positioning factors;positions of enterprises
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Three Seas Economic Journal
Abstract: With the development of market economic relations and the intensification of competition in Ukraine, the problem of adequate positioning of enterprises among competitors, as well as in the consumers` minds becomes relevant. The author summarizes scientific approaches of foreign and domestic scientists to the interpretation of the concept of "positioning", which are reflected in the following: F. Kotler (positioning as a way of identifying goods), J. Trout, E. Reiss (as a certain position of the enterprise among competing goods), Belyaeva N.S. (as an element of the enterprise strategic management system). Three basic components to understanding the essence of positioning are generalized and allocated: positioning as a concept that defines the ideological aspect in its definition (ideas and views), which are the basis of the enterprise product proposal; positioning as a strategy that involves the development of a competitive position of the enterprise product and the relevant marketing complex; positioning as a set of actions that characterizes a set of measures, specific ways to convey the position to the target segment in the implementation of marketing programs; so it is a set of tools to help forming a brand image that should strongly differ from competitors. Due to the fact that the agricultural component is important to the Ukrainian economy development, it is necessary to ensure the effective positioning of agricultural enterprises in foreign markets, which is the source of their sustainable competitive advantage. The opinions of Ukrainian scientists on the agricultural enterprises products positioning were summarized: Kozak L.V., who proposes strategies for the agricultural enterprises development; Kosharna P.S., who offers strategic tools for the agricultural enterprises; Artyukhova K.V. and Bondarenko V.V., who substantiate the necessary market position of agricultural enterprises. Approaches and factors for positioning of agricultural products that should be taken into account in the foreign economic activity of enterprises such as planning, staff, practice, partners that can strengthen opportunities, positioning, protection are analyzed. Peculiarities of agricultural enterprises products positioning were determined: production seasonality, high level of natural and climatic conditions dependence, role and value of products, variety of management organizational forms, time discrepancy in finished products growing and manufacturing, level of state participation in agro-industrial complex development. The author has formed a structural and logistical scheme of agricultural enterprises product positioning, which has the following main elements: purpose, means, conditions of activity, support (including the development of enterprise products positioning strategy) and marketing tools. The main marketing tools that must be used in positioning the products of agricultural enterprises include: the type of product, its quality, functional properties, type of packaging, guarantees; price formation conditions; logistics sales channels used in the delivery of products to the customer; products promotion; qualification of the personnel carrying out marketing support of agricultural enterprises production
ISSN: 2661-5150(print)
DOI: 10.30525/2661-5150/2021-1-14
Volume: 2
Issue: 1
First Page: 85
End Page: 91
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