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dc.contributor.authorСуботіна, Юлія Олегівна-
dc.description.abstractДослідження присвячено проблемам організації маркетингової діяльності підприємств агропромислового комплексу. Особливості маркетингу в АПК тісно пов’язані зі специфікою сільськогосподарського виробництва, яка характеризується різноманітністю асортименту продукції і учасників ринку, а також різноманіттям організаційних форм господарювання. В статті розкриті цілі, задачі та функції маркетингу на підприємствах АПК, охарактеризовані особливості маркетингу сільського господарства, обов’язки маркетолога та проблеми, що стримують розвиток маркетингу підприємств агропромислового комплексу в сучасних умовах.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe research is devoted to the problems of organization of marketing activities of enterprises of the agro-industrial complex. The peculiarities of marketing in the agroindustrial complex are closely linked to the specifics of agricultural production, which is characterized by a variety of product range and market participants, as well as the variety of organizational forms of management. The article reveals the goals, tasks and functions of marketing at the agroindustrial complexes, describes the peculiarities of agricultural marketing, the duties of the marketer and the problems hindering the development of marketing of agroindustrial enterprises in the modern conditions. In today’s conditions of agrarian economy development, when, against the backdrop of a sharp shortage of financial resources of the agroindustrial complex for the expansion of the market and competitiveness, they must develop and implement their own marketing programs, the problem of substantiating investment in marketing is particularly relevant. The justification of the criteria for marketing quality is also demanded by investors of the agroindustrial complex, the activity of which is hindered due to insufficient information and the acceptability of certain marketing tools in specific situations in the agrarian market. The increase in the level of satisfaction of demand for goods and services of the agroindustrial complex against the background of the optimal use of financial, material and labor resources is the main criterion for improving the efficiency of marketing, and how effectively domestic producers will take advantage of the opportunity to develop and sell their products for import substitution, only time will be shown. Thus, marketing should ensure the impact on objective and subjective factors of efficiency increase through the rapid restructuring of agricultural production, its marketing and service in line with changing requirements of consumers, as well as the creation of a producer and its products with a good reputation in the market. The system of agrarian marketing has its differences compared with other types of marketing, which are related to the specifics of agrarian production and, of course, affect the specifics of marketing research in the agrarian market. Thus, the main areas of marketing research in the field of agroindustrial complex are the study of the agrarian market, its capacity, market conditions or research on agricultural products sales, the study of the practice of competitors, the study of consumers’ reaction to the introduction of a new product. Therefore, it is very important to organize the selection, development and implementation of marketing research projects in the agroindustrial complex, as such research is an indispensable tool for substantiation and adoption of timely, effective management decisions in conditions of uncertainty of the market environment. Thus, the results of marketing research can be used by the management bodies of the agroindustrial complex, various management structures as the basis for the development of plans, strategies, complex target development programs, legislative and regulatory acts at the regional level regarding the formation and taking into account factors of the marketing environment, as well as investors to characterize the conditions for raising capitaluk_UA
dc.publisherЗбірник наукових праць Черкаського державного технологічного університету. Серія: Економічні наукиuk_UA
dc.subjectуправління маркетингомuk_UA
dc.subjectслужби маркетингуuk_UA
dc.subjectагропромисловий комплексuk_UA
dc.subjectсільське господарствоuk_UA
dc.subjectсільськогосподарські товаровиробникиuk_UA
dc.subjectвиробнича діяльністьuk_UA
dc.subjectmarketing managementuk_UA
dc.subjectmarketing servicesuk_UA
dc.subjectagroindustrial complexuk_UA
dc.subjectagricultural commodity producersuk_UA
dc.subjectproduction activityuk_UA
dc.titleОсобливості застосування маркетингу на підприємствах АПКuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeFeatures of application of marketing at enterprises of APKuk_UA
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