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Title: Formation of Communicative Professionally Oriented Competence of Future Philologists
Authors: Kuzebna, Vladyslava
Chernysh, Valentyna
Dzhochka, Iryna
Marieiev, Dmytro
Shkvorchenko, Nataliia
Кузебна, Владислава Валеріївна
Keywords: philology;professional training;institutions of higher education;Ukrainian language
Issue Date: 5-Jan-2021
Publisher: Applied Linguistics Research Journal
Abstract: The purpose of the academic paper is to present the features of the formation of communicative professionaly oriented competence of future philologists. In the process of achieving the goal of the academic paper, the following research methods have been applied, namely: methods of observation and description, modellimg method, methods of comparison and complex analysis, functinional method, method of generalisation and method of abstraction. It has been revealed that future philologists in the course of educational training in international higher educational institutions (Taras Shevechenko National University of Kyiv, Kherson STate University, International human development university "Ukraine", Kyiv National Linguistic University, Universidade de Coruna, Uniwersitat Opolski, Uniwersitat Wroclawsci, Universitat de Barcelona, University College London and University of Oxford) gain thorough knowledge about past and present philological languages, study various levels of linguistics, including syntax, phonetics, morphology, semantics and phology, master the fundamentals of foreign language teaching practice. It has been established that in the course of obtaining highre education in the field of "Philology (Ukrainian language and literature)" students - future philologists develop general and professional competence, learn knowledge and skills necessary for futher professional activiti in the sphere of literature, linguistics, methods of teaching Ukrainian language and literature. It has been determined that on the basis of undergoing educational and proffesional programs of preparation of the philological direction the communicative professionally oriented competemce of students - future philologists is formed.
ISSN: 2651-2629
DOI: 10.14744/alrj.2020.44711
Volume: 5
Issue: 1
First Page: 185
End Page: 194
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