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Title: Гармонізація художньо-образної композиції в кольорі
Other Titles: Harmonization of artistic-figurative composition in color
Authors: Романенко, Наталія Григорівна
Кривонос, Володимир Олександрович
Keywords: композиція;колірна гармонія;дизайн;design;composition;color harmony;Itten's color circle
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: SWorldJournal
Abstract: В роботі розглядалася методика гармонізації композицій дизайн-об'єктів в кольорі шляхом застосування правил вписування правильних геометричних фігур в колірне коло Іоханнеса Іттена. Використовуючи методи аналізу інформації з Інтернету та літературних джерел, синтезу теоретичних та практичних знань, розроблено алгоритм гармонізації композиції кольорі дизайн-об'єктів.
IntroductionThe design of the subject-spatial environment is closely related to the choice of color combinations. Created by I. Itten in the 20s of the last century, the color constructor - the color wheel became a kind of key to the creative mastery of the secrets of color. And although many decisions about the choice of color occur under the influence of emotions arising from the visual perception of the composition, increasingly began to resort to the use of well-thought-out colors din, the method ofwhich was proposed by Johannes Itten in the early 20th century. This technique of color analysis and design has opened up the possibility of creating many harmonious color combinations and control over the correctness of a color choice.The aim of the work is to develop a method available to students for harmonization of color compositions by applying the rules for inscribing regular geometric shapes in the color circle of Itten.The main text.At Cherkassy State Technological University, teaching discipline Color in a spatial-subject environment provides for students majoring in design complete of a practical creative task , the essence of which is to create a harmonious composition, the color scheme of which must be chosen and justified using of rules for inscribing regular geometric shapes in the color circle of Itten.The first stage of work is to create forms of the composition on the intended subject. Working on sketches, students clarify the theme of the composition, or its motto, what should be the basis of a single palette: the number of colors, tone, the presence of accents.Having determined the number of basic colors of the composition, as well as their hierarchy, the student chooses the correct geometric shape to fit into the color circle. If there are three such colors and their effect is the same - it will be an equilateral triangle, four - a square. When entering the above figures, the options can be no more than four and three - respectively. If one of the three colors of the composition is an accent and should attract the viewer's attention, use the rules of inscribing an isosceles triangle. In determining the maximum number of color harmonies formed by inscribing an isosceles triangle in the color circle of Itten, the unambiguity of the sides of such a triangle is traced from a pair of colors adjacent to the diametrically opposite. Conclusions The algorithm for using the rules for inscribing correct geometric shapes in Itten's colorcircle is as follows:• to define the theme (motto) of the composition or design object;• create a composition according to the form;• choose the number of colors and geometric figure to fit into the circle;• install colors on the corners of a geometric figure when moving in a circle and generalize the number of colored compositions;• to write the appropriate number of color combinations of composition;• choose a color combination, the aesthetics of which corresponds to the specified topic.
ISSN: 2410-6720 (online)
DOI: 10.30888/2663-5712.2020-06-05-041
Issue: 6-5
First Page: 149
End Page: 154
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