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Title: Програмування засобів обробки інформації у хмарних сховищах на основі операційної системи ANDROID
Other Titles: Investigation of the features of programming of information processing methods in cloud storages based on the Android operating system
Authors: Миронець, Ірина Валеріївна
Орловський, В.В.
Keywords: інформаційні технології;мобільний додаток;операційна система Android;хмарні сховища;захист даних;information technologies;mobile application;Android operating system;cloud storages;data protection
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Вісник Черкаського державного технологічного університету. Серія: Технічні науки
Abstract: Стаття присвячена створенню програмного продукту для статистичного аналізу та дослідженню ефективності обробки великих об’ємів даних на прикладі використання виділеного і хмарного серверів, який призначений для оцінювання використання хмарних технологій та виділених серверів; аналізується їх співіснування, виділено переваги та недоліки, приділено увагу опису відмінностей з роботою над великими об’ємами даних.
As a result of undertaken study, Android-supplement for a statistical analysis and research of the efficiency of processing large amounts of data on the example of the use of distinguished and cloudy servers is projected and worked out. A software product is made of two parts – server and client ones. Server part contains the data base for users accounting, listing and granting of test data, ravines, etc. Client part has an interactive interface for the revision of servers list, implementation of requests to them, drafting of diagrams, implementation of analysis of results. During the analysis of subject domain the basic problems of the use of Internet-technologies in the sphere of software development are cleared up. As a result of research certain advantages and disadvantages of the use of technologies of cloudy and distinguished servers are set. In order for the application to maximally meet the laid down requirements, be comfortable and multifunction, before its planning and development the existing methodologies and literary sources have been considered and analyzed. Some of solutions that have been found in these methodologies are used during planning and development of mobile application. Planning of the system took place with the use of object-oriented approach. The use of planning models and separate designer decisions of developer have allowed to do the system flexible, that easily yields to modification, clear and reliable. The use of modern flexible technologies of development will allow in future to extend the system functionality or make alterations to its current functionality. A program interface is projected taking into account the necessities of a target user. An interface is designed so that any actions would occupy the least of time for a user, because a large intensity of application use is planned. Large attention is paid to testing and adjusting of the system. The use of modern instruments of testing and adjusting and the use of different approaches and methods of testing which match the best for testing of every separate method allow to do the system reliable and proof to possible errors.
ISSN: 2306-4412
DOI: 10.24025/2306-4412.4.2018.162811
Issue: 4
First Page: 101
End Page: 105
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