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Title: Інформаційна технологія оцінки замулення штучних водосховищ
Other Titles: Information technology for assessing siltation of artificial reservoirs
Authors: Дубовик, Денис Дмитрович
Keywords: інформаційна технологія;інформаційна модель;метод аналогії;критерії аналогії;замулення водосховищ;математична модель замулення;водосховище - прототип;водосховище - аналог;прогнозні оцінки
Issue Date: 6-Aug-2021
Abstract: Дисертацію присвячено порівнянню процесів замулення, що відбуваються в близькими за характеристиками водоймах, обраному прототипі шляхом розробки інформаційної технології оцінки замулення великих штучних водосховищ. Iнформаційна технологія розроблена на основі методу аналогії, пов’язаної з розробкою системи критеріїв аналогії, інформаційних моделей замулення та відповідних оцінок замулення водосховищ Дніпровського каскаду. Виконано оцінку об’єму замулення водосховищ Дніпровського каскаду. Оцінки процесів замулення штучних водосховищ є актуальними, мають практичне значення і були використані при розробці концепції та методологічних аспектів відносно відстеження техногенної безпеки м. Дніпро.
The dissertation is devoted to the problem of development of information technology of siltation assessment of large artificial reservoirs on the basis of analogy method, connected with development of system of analogy criteria, siltation information model and corresponding siltation assessments of reservoirs of Dnieper cascade. Analysis and generalization of the results of information analysis of the properties of artificial reservoirs allowed the author to formulate for the first time the task of comparative analysis of models of artificial reservoir-prototype and artificial reservoir-analogue, to give a theoretical justification and quantitative description of such analysis. and pace. On this basis, the basic ideas about the composition of the data necessary for the formation of a cluster of criteria and further analysis of the possibility of estimating the volume of sediments in the reservoir-analogue based on information about the processes of siltation in the reservoir-prototype. Comparison of the results obtained on the basis of these approaches to the estimation of siltation volumes with the data of direct measurements is the basis for verification of the results obtained in this work, which confirms their reliability. The estimation of volumes of siltation of reservoirs of the Dnieper cascade is executed. Estimates of siltation processes of artificial reservoirs are relevant, have practical significance and were used in the development of the Concept and methodological aspects regarding the monitoring of technogenic safety of the Dnieper. The aim of the study. Improving the efficiency of assessment of siltation processes of artificial reservoirs by developing information technology for modeling their siltation using analogy methods. Research objectives: 1. Develop a system of analogy criteria to compare the characteristics of the reservoir-prototype with reservoirs-analogues. 2. To develop information technology for assessment of siltation of reservoirs. 3. To substantiate the information technology for assessing the siltation of the reservoir-analogue on the basis of information about the siltation of the reservoir-prototype (standard), using the criteria of analogy. 4. To carry out modeling of processes of siltation of artificial reservoirs of the Dnieper cascade with use of the developed information technology. Estimate the intensity of siltation of reservoirs of the Dnieper cascade. Object of research - processes of siltation of artificial reservoirs of the Dnieper cascade. The subject of research - models, methods and information technology for assessing the processes of siltation of large artificial reservoirs. Scientific novelty of the obtained results. The main results that determine scientific novelty of the dissertation: 1. For the first time: -Developed information technology for research and calculation of siltation characteristics of artificial reservoirs, which in contrast to existing, in accordance with the needs of assessing the ecological status of reservoirs, describes the state of the prototype reservoir and allows converting this information into information about the unknown state of the analogue reservoir. information according to the developed algorithms in accordance with the requirements of end users. 2. Improved: –Method of estimating the volume of sludge formation in large artificial reservoirs, which differs from the existing proposed system of complex criteria, combining quantitative assessment of the proximity of artificial reservoirs by the nature of siltation processes and expert assessment of weights of components of complex criteria, which allows comprehensive assessment prototype and analogue and to form requirements for the volume and composition of the primary data on the unknown state of the analogue reservoir required to convert information about the state of the prototype into information about the state of the analogue. 3. Received further development: - method of analogy for assessing the state of the reservoir-analogue using information about the state of the reservoir-prototype, which gives more opportunities for its application. -Models and calculation algorithms based on the zonal approach to processing information about the state of reservoirs. The practical use of the scientific results obtained in the dissertation is evidenced by the relevant act of implementation.
Number of Pages: 178
Specialization: 05.13.06 – Інформаційні технології
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