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Title: Лінгвостилістичні та структурні особливості романної прози Шервуда Андерсона (на матеріалі твору «Кіт Брендон»)
Other Titles: Linguo-stylistic and structural peculiarities of Sherwood Anderson’s novel «Kit Brandon»
Authors: Кузебна, Владислава Валеріївна
Гречуха, Леся Олександрівна
Keywords: романна проза;поетика;стиль усної нарації;образ розповідача й оповідача;авторська маска;novel;oral story-telling;author’s mask;the image of narrator/nonnarrator, the principles of the artistic narration;narrative structure;poetics
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Вісник Маріупольського державного університету. Серія: Філологія
Abstract: У статті проаналізовано романну прозу пізнього періоду творчості американського письменника Шервуда Андерсона, представлену твором «Кіт Брендон». Дослідницьку увагу зосереджено на особливостях організації внутрішньої та зовнішньої форми твору, а також на тих поетикальних домінантах, які можуть вважатися інноваційними для творчого доробку автора.
Historically, Sherwood Anderson was a considerable figure in the development of the American short story during the two decades of the 1920s and 30s. The analysis of the writer’s artistic peculiarities is carried out with taking into account modern literary tendencies. It gives an opportunity to discover new aspects of Sherwood Anderson’s creative work. The development of writer’s artistic style in the aspect of the evolution of his worldview, the principles of the artistic narration, imagery and some stylistic peculiarities as well as creativity have been traced. The article investigates some linguo-stylistic and structural specific features in Sherwood Anderson’s novel «Kit Brandon» (1936). The problem of author’s self-expression with his characteristic individual specificity of worldview and style has become an original reflection of the author’s position. «Kit Brandon» is considered to be a distinguishable novel as it can be characterized by some innovative features that are represented within the text structure. Unlike previous Anderson’s works with a weak plot, the novel mentioned above has some adventurous elements and a dynamic plot line. Some innovative elements are implemented in the narrative structure of the novel. The images of the narrator and non-narrator are used to tell the story. The author’s mask phenomenon is considered as the most important element of writer’s poetics. Special attention is paid to the analysis of some expressive means which form the author’s mask. The basic principles of Sh. Anderson’s poetics embodied in his literary work have been analyzed. The author offers innovative figurative-expressing means and techniques: the composition fragmentation; the alternating narrators; the usage of inserted episodes; lyrical digressions and direct appeal to the readers; specific stylistic features which are based on the oral tradition principles. To reproduce the oral storytelling rhythms the author focuses attention on such elements as: definite thematic key, character specificity, orality and spontaneity as well as some stylistic means. To achieve the necessary effect the sentences with syntax and grammar norms breaching are usually used. The oral narration is considered as a «speech» authorial mask by means of which the text creator can hide and/or express himself on the pages of his works. Within the context of American modernism Sherwood Anderson is considered to be a prominent figure whose innovative writing experiments and stylistic techniques were used by the following literary generations.
ISSN: 2415-3168 (Online)
ISSN 2226-3055 (Print)
Issue: 18
First Page: 72
End Page: 82
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