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Title: Mathematical model of information risk management in projects of management information system implementation
Authors: Elbaruni, J.E.
Danchenko, Olena
Bedrii, Dmytro
Данченко, Олена Борисівна
Бедрій, Дмитро Іванович
Keywords: mathematical model;risk management;project risks;company risks;management information system
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: The scientific heritage
Abstract: This paper is a brief overview of MIS's implementation on evaluating risks in both a project and a company set up. Various types of risks both in a company set up and a project are viewed and analyzed independently to gauge their effect on the number of working days and total budget. Tables indicating the name of risks, together with both risks of project and risks of the company are drafted and compared to minimize high risks. This leads to a quantitative assessment of the effect of risks on the expected number of working days and the total budget of the project. Therefore, the paper is discussed sequentially from the introduction to discussion to conclusion. The references and literature are duly cited to back the information and data with materials and sources
ISSN: 9215-0365
DOI: 10.24412/9215-0365-2021-65-1-7-11
Volume: 1
Issue: 65
First Page: 7
End Page: 11
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