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Title: Description of data consolidation process of the condition monitoring of road network in the information analysis system
Authors: Sidliarenko, Andrii
Myronets, Iryna
Сідляренко, Андрій Ігорович
Миронець, Ірина Валеріївна
Keywords: information management;state control of the road industry;data reliability;optimization of transport route;information processing;consistency of decisions
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Periodyk Naukowy Akademii Polonijnej
Abstract: Information management and decision making in government geographically separated organizational systems are related to the collecting, storing and processing various information from various sources, data validating, actualizing and ensuring reliability, visualizing information and developing user-friendly interface for decision-makers. A significant volume and variety of data in reporting documentation create a crucial complexity of information analytical processing. The article discusses the structure of information flows that enter the information analytical system for monitoring the state of the road network and should be consolidated for future use. Creation and implementation of this information analytical system allow to maintain coordination and coherence of decisions based on data collected from various information sources and to control their implementation. This determines the relevance of the problem of ensuring the consolidation of physical, economic and social information about the state of the road infrastructure during the information analytical system monitoring of the state of the road network. The consolidated data is the initial information for the calculated mathematical models and is used to make decisions on the use of available resources and budget, assessing the condition of the road surface, optimizing the route of trucks.
ISSN: 1895-9911(print)
DOI: 10.23856/4436
Volume: 44
Issue: 1
First Page: 298
End Page: 303
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