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Title: Туристична привабливість рекреаційних територій природно-заповідного фонду Черкаської області
Authors: Бєляєва, Світлана Станіславівна
Keywords: рекреаційні території;туризм;природно-заповідний фонд;Черкаська область;туристичний продукт;адміністративно-територіальна одиниця;збалансований розвиток територій;сталий розвиток
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Економічні інновації. Збірник наук. праць
Abstract: In the modern terms of menage it is necessary to take into account requirements that are base on principles of the balanced development of territories, and exactly the recreational sphere of activity fully can answer strategic directions of development of industry of hospitality, tourism, services for rest, making healthy and treatment of recreational. In this connection requirements in relation to the observance of terms of providing of the balanced use of the naturally-protected fund of Ukraine are one of important bars in recreational activity. For providing of the balanced (permanent) development of every region of Ukraine it is needed rationally to use natural resources that have a reasonable quantitative and quality estimation not always. Minerals are mostly estimated, and other natural resources in particular superficial and underground water, soils, landscapes, vegetable and animal world, ПЗФ, recreational-tourist resources are estimated not enough. The existent system of nature protection objects of Cherkasy Oblast was formed on the basis of conceptual principles of the program of forming of national network of ПЗФ, and thus, needs a scientifically-reasonable analysis taking into account ecological, economic, intergovernmental requirements to her forming, maintenance and balanced use. On the example of the Tcherkasy area in the advanced study the pulled out task of necessity of taking into account of requirements of contemporaneity for development of tourist activity taking into account the prospect of folk-economic activity of region. An important value for development of recreation and local territorial balanced conduct of economic and socially directed activity organization and grant of recreational services have on recreational territories and objects among that powerful enough tourist potential has the naturally-protected fund. Creation tourist of attractive suggestions on these territories in any region of Ukraine needs ponderable knowledge, practical skills and ability to apply corresponding tactics for a menage and skills for the strategic thinking and realization of innovative ideas. For creation of attractive tourist product such factors have a ponderable value, as natural resources; safety; historical, cultural and regional heritage; presence of tourist objects and tourist infrastructure and others like that. In the article basic conceptual principles are outlined for creation potentially of attractive tourist product on territories and objects of ПЗФ of the Tcherkasy area. Attention is accented on the recreational constituent of separate territories and objects of ПЗФ of administrative-territorial units of area.
У статті окреслено основні концептуальні засади для створення потенційно привабливого туристичного продукту на територіях та об’єктах природно-заповідного фонду (далі – ПЗФ) Черкаської області. Акцентовано увагу на рекреаційній складовій окремих територій та об’єктів ПЗФ адміністративно-територіальних одиниць (далі – АТО) області.
Issue: Вип. 62
First Page: 313
End Page: 322
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