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Title: Multicriterion Method of Qualitative Assessment of Modern Router Components
Authors: Lukashenko, Valentyna
Rudakov, Kostiantyn
Lukashenko, Andriy
Mitsenko, Sergii
Лукашенко, Валентина Максимівна
Рудаков, Костянтин Сергійович
Лукашенко, Андрій Германович
Міценко, Сергій Анатолійович
Keywords: router;classification;classification;architecture;sign model;components;network;dimensionless coordinates
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Nauka i studia
Abstract: Determination of effective models of many existing router today is an important task. We propose a multi-criteria method for qualitative assessment of the components of modem routers. In work and solved the problem by: systems analysis modem routers, developing a conceptual model of the modem wireless router, development of multi-component qualitative method router based on the theory of incomplete similarity, creating a landmark model dependencies technical parameters of wireless routers in dimensionless coordinates.
ISSN: 1561-6894
Volume: 35
Issue: 103
First Page: 11
End Page: 17
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