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Title: Piezoelectric Electroacoustic Transducers
Authors: Шарапов, Валерій Михайлович
Сотула, Жанна Василівна
Куницька, Лариса Георгіївна
Keywords: piezoelectric transducers;acoustic fluctuations;electro-acoustic;frequency;sound pressure;inductance;electric;energy
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Springer Verlag. Heidelberg, Dordrecht, London, New York
Abstract: This book presents the latest and complete information about piezoelectric electro-acoustic transducers. Electro-acoustic transducers (EAT) - it is devices which transform electric energy to energy of acoustic fluctuations. Principles of action, the designs of known transducers for work in air, water, for non-destructive control are described in the book. This transducers are based on back piezoelectric effects are used in electro-acoustics, the hydroacoustics, non-destructive control. Offered to «Springer» the book consists of five semantic (sense, meanig) parts: The general information about PEAT, terms and definitions, materials, the description of piezoelements, etc. The description of known designs PEAT for work in air, water and with firm bodies. New methods and devices electrophysical and circuit engineering designing (synthesis, creation) of piezoelectric electro-acoustic transducers and sensors are described. Application of these methods allows to create from one piezoelement tens (!) variants of transducers and sensors of the given type with various, including, with the improved characteristics. New methods and devices for improvement of characteristics PEAT: reduction of working frequency that is equivalent to increase in range of action (range of detection of sea objects), increases in sound pressure and pass-band expansion (for underwater communication), etc. These methods allow to create transducers with unique properties. This book is written for specialists in electro-acoustics, hydroacoustics, non-destructive control, measuring technique, sensors for automatic control and also for graduate students.
ISBN: 978-3-319-01197-4
ISSN: 1615-8326
Number of Pages: 230
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