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Title: Моделі руху автотранспортних засобів при поздовжніх зіткненнях
Other Titles: Models of movement of vehicles in longitudinal collisions
Authors: Ромашко, Сергій Володимирович
Харенко, Валерій Богданович
Підгорний, Микола Володимирович
Литовченко, Володимир Володимирович
Keywords: автомобіль;ДТП;дослідження;судова експертиза;автотехнічна експертиза;car;road accident;research;forensic examination;auto-technical examination
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Вісник Черкаського державного технологічного університету. Технічні науки
Abstract: Зіткнення транспортних засобів є найбільш небезпечним видом дорожньо-транспортної пригоди (ДТП) за кількістю жертв і розмірами матеріальних збитків. При розслідуванні ДТП, пов’язаних із поздовжніми зіткненнями, виникає необхідність встановлення механізму дорожньо-транспортної пригоди для повного та всебічного розслідування, а також для виконання об’єктивного висновку експерта. Цю можливість надають дослідження моделей руху автотранспортних засобів. У статті запропоновано підходи для удосконалення методу автотехнічної експертизи при поздовжніх зіткненнях.
With the increase in traffic, the number of road accidents increases. The causes of a traffic accident are the result of two or more active violations of traffic safety rules that create an integrative integrated system. The aim of the article is to model the mechanism of longitudinal collision of vehicles and study the peculiarities of their movement to establish the characteristics of the dynamics of this process in collisions, which is necessary to improve the methods of investigating the circumstances of traffic accidents in longitudinal collisions. In the process of auto-technical examination in the study of collisions it is relevant to develop the technology in order to establish the mechanism of the accident. The road accident is fixed by the scheme of the accident which allows you to establish a mutual arrangement of cars after collision. Their kinematic characteristics prior to the accident are not always known, this can lead to a collision during the examination. The model of the mechanism of development of road accident, as a rule, is estimated on the basis of various examinations or carrying out full-scale modeling. This approach allows you to give only a qualitative assessment, far from objective. Therefore, the task of forming a mathematical model that takes into account the peculiarities of the movement of the car as a dynamic system arises. To do this, the authors propose a method of logical and informational implementation of the study, which is appropriate for use in expert practice. When an obstacle moves in the accompanying direction, the distance from the vehicle to the place of impact at the time of danger to traffic depends on when the driver starts to brake. The sooner he brakes, the longer the obstacle will move, the farther there will be the place of impact. Under certain conditions, this obstacle may even be out of reach of the vehicle. This road condition occurs when cyclists suddenly leave the lane of a car moving at a higher speed. A similar situation can arise when drivers with limited visibility go to the crossroads and do not pass vehicles moving in the same direction in the main lane. The principle of logical and informational implementation of road accident research is applied to the given task in the consistent implementation of strategies "from the past to the present" (analysis) and "from the present to the future" (synthesis). Considering the individual stages of informatization of expert research, the authors trace the dialectical spiral of development of objects, processes and systems of informatics, management of their development and operation. The article with the help of modeling and establishing the characteristics of the dynamics of processes in the longitudinal collision of vehicles clarifies the mechanisms of collision in longitudinal traffic accidents, outlines the measures on improvement of research technology during the examination, which are important and influence the conclusion of the auto-technical examination. The improvement of the method of establishing the mechanism of a traffic accident is proposed. The use of this method makes it possible to conclude whether the driver had the opportunity to avoid a collision. The proposed method has the ability to be implemented by means of computer technology.
ISSN: 2306-4412 (print)
2708-6070 (online)
DOI: 10.24025/2306-4412.3.2021.246013
Issue: 3
First Page: 69
End Page: 77
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