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Title: Study of the influence of buckwheat flour and flax seeds on consumption properties of long-stored bakery products
Authors: Bondarenko, Yulia
Mykhonik, Larysa
Bilyk, Olena
Kochubei-Lytvynenko, Oksana
Andronovich, Galina
Hetman, Inna
Бондаренко, Юлія Вікторівна
Андронович, Галина Михайлівна
Keywords: rusks;ring-shaped products;green buckwheat flour;dark buckwheat flour;gold flax seeds.
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Publisher: EUREKA: Life Sciences
Abstract: Rusk and ring-shaped bakery products relate to the group of long-stored ones. For today it is urgent to use ingredients that give products functional properties in food technologies. The important source of food fibers, full-value protein, unsaturated fatty acids, mineral substances and vitamins are grain and oil-bearing crops. Buckwheat and flax seeds are separated among them due to the valuable chemical composition and positive effect on the human organism. The aim of the work was to establish the influence of buckwheat flour and flax seeds on the technological process course and quality of long-stored bakery products. Buckwheat flour of green and dark buckwheat of TM “Organic-Eco-Product” (Ukraine) is used in the rusk technology. For producing ring-shaped products (ring-shaped crackers), gold flax seeds were used. Research results testify that good quality parameters of bread for producing rusks from it, were achieved at dosing green buckwheat seeds as 20 % and dark ones as 15 % instead of the flour mass. It has been established, that rusks with adding green buckwheat flour have quality parameters, corresponding to requirements of normative documents. It has been proven, that it is not expedient to use dark buckwheat flour in the rusk technology, because ready products have the increased water share and soaking index. It is connected with the influence of the operation of hydrothermal processing of grains that dark buckwheat flour is produced of, its high water-absorbing and water-retaining capacities. For the technology of ring-shaped crackers, enriched with flax seeds, it is recommended to dose flax seeds as 15 % of the flour mass. At such dosage bakery products got the highest number of points by the complex quality parameter and corresponded to requirements of normative documents.
DOI: 10.21303/2504-5695.2019.00973
Issue: 4
First Page: 9
End Page: 18
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