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Title: Modern Systems for Assessing the Informatization of Countries in the Context of Global Sustainable Development
Authors: Петкова, Леся Омелянівна
Рябоконь, Михайло Володимирович
Вдовиченко, Юрій Володимирович
Keywords: networked readiness index;informatization;global;sustainable development;innovative technologies;international relations;global economic development
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Baltic Journal of Economic Studies
Abstract: Information and communication theories became a major driver of the economic development of countries in a global world. Information component plays a key role in the building of competitive potential of countries and the development of international relations. At the national level, the development of innovative technologies enables the countries to take higher ranking positions by the level of progress of information and communication technologies. The assessment is carried out using a number of indicators, calculated with the respective index system and applied for analysis of problem areas in politics, as well as for monitoring of progress in the field of innovative technologies introduction. Although, this methodology does not take into consideration the indicators over time. Therefore, this paper aims to study the dynamics of networked readiness index as a factor of informatization of global economic development. The authors suggested a methodology to determine the level of informatization of global economic development based on cluster analysis of countries according to the indicators, included in NRI, which makes it possible to eliminate this defect. Methodology. The methodology of the paper is based on statistical data, forming the analytical database of the research findings and being studied using cluster analysis. The paper reviews a new indicator, which enables considering the informatization of global economic development in a comprehensive manner: in dynamics by a group of countries. Results. As a result of the author’s study, it has been established that, according to the level of informatization of global economic development, the countries can be divided into three groups: the countries with sustainable level of informatization, the ones with moderate development and the countries, which are the most backward by the level of informatization. Moreover, the paper identifies the countries, which had no data for the period under review, or underwent a transition from one informatization level to another one.
Volume: Vol. 5
Issue: No. 2
First Page: 158
End Page: 170
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