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Title: The Newest Forms of the International Financing of Innovative Development: Opportunities for Ukraine
Authors: Петкова, Леся Омелянівна
Бондар, Альона Михайлівна
Keywords: global;sustainable development;world economy;global partnership;innovative development;international financing
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Economic and Legal Foundations of the Public Transformations in Conditions of Financial Globalization : monograph / edited by Yu. Pasichnyk − Yunona Publishing, New York, USA, 2018. − 466 p.
Abstract: The agenda of global sustainable development is based on achievements of previous years of realization of the idea of balance and longtermness and is strengthened by the principles of universality and inclusivity. Modern unity of economic, ecological and social aspects of development of the world economy is not only a theoretical structure, but a component of successful management of all levels. At the level of interstate and interregional communications also intensify changes, that demands new approaches concerning integration and cooperation and takes as a basis the concept of “global partnership”. The growing activity of the Ukrainian business in use of the latest sources of fund raising for development, in particular, of crowdfunding, venture investment and so forth. Further activization of innovative processes in the country will depend substantially on success of attraction of investment resources of development both in a traditional way, and through alternative sources.
Number of Pages: 125-133
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