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Title: Modelling and Development of Multisectional Disk Piezoelectric Transducers for Critical Application Systems
Authors: Aladwan, Ibrahim M.
Bazilo, Constantine
Faure, Emil
Базіло, Костянтин Вікторович
Фауре, Еміль Віталійович
Keywords: piezoelectric disk;multifunctional transducer;physical processes;mathematical description;critical systems
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Abstract: The accuracy and reliability of computer systems largely depend on the characteristics of the transducers. The main advantage of using multisectional piezoceramic transducers is their special structure that makes it possible to implement fundamentally different circuits in such one element with a simultaneous increase in the degree of integration and hybridization of their operational properties. Diversity and variation of practical applications of piezoelectric transducers and devices on their bases naturally stimulate their theoretical research. Because of the absence of reliable and valid methods of constructing mathematical models of multisectional piezoelectric transducers, it is essential to consider the excitation of oscillations in transducers with group inclusion of sections taking into account the acoustic feedback. The paper considers the development of the mathematical model of a multisectional disk piezoelectric transducer taking into account the acoustic feedback that exists between the area under the electrode of the primary electrical circuit and all, without exception, the areas located under the electrodes of the secondary circuits. Proposed scheme maintains its logical structure in the wide range of the number of sections. The features of constructing mathematical models of multisectional transducers that arise when the sections are switched on in groups are considered. Based on the modelling, the methods for modifying disk piezoelectric transducers using a polyelectrode design, technology of additional elements, the spatial power structure of piezoelectric transducers, and physical models of transducers based on multisectional piezoelectric disks with improved characteristics, are described. The designs of a multifunctional piezoelectric transducer in the volume of one body are proposed.
ISSN: 1995-6665
Volume: 16
Issue: 2
First Page: 275
End Page: 282
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