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Title: Proceedings of the 19th Conference of Junior Researchers “Science – Future of Lithuania” Environmental Protection Engineering.
Authors: Мислюк, Ольга Олександрівна
Говорун, Анастасія Олександрівна
Keywords: urban soils;acid-base properties of soils;soil toxicity;cartographic modeling
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The characteristics of the soil cover of the city Cherkassy and the sources of anthropogenic changes of its acidbase properties are presented. The results of the research of soils from different functional zones of the city Cherkassy showed that its reaction is mainly alkaline. The cartographic model of experimental data was made with the program SURFER showing acid-base regime characteristics of soils in different functional zones of the city. This mapping allowed to identify the following soils: fertile (рН = 6.5–7.0) and potentially fertile (рН = 7.0–7.5), hardly suitable (рН = 7.5–8.0), moderately (рН = 8.0–8.5) and highly (рН = 8.0–8.5) toxic. It is concluded that only 60% of urban soils can be identified as fertile or potentially fertile in terms of characteristics of acid-base regime. The results of the evaluation of acid-base regime of urban soilsare correlated with the results of the previous studies of pollution of snow cover in the areas of permanent emissions and the anionic composition of soils. The analysis of the cause-effect relationships in the impact of adverse environmental factors on urban landscapes showed that the formation of acid-base regime of soils is influenced both by the natural landscape, i.e. geochemical, and anthropogenic factors.
ISBN: 978-609-476-073-0
ISSN: ISSN 2073-5057
Number of Pages: 8
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