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Title: Proceedings of the 20th Conference of Junior Researchers “Science – Future of Lithuania” Environmental Protection Engineering.
Other Titles: Assessment of acid-base buffering properties of soils of city Cherkasy
Authors: Мислюк, Ольга Олександрівна
Мовсесян, Діана Юріївна
Keywords: urban soils;acid-base properties of soils;acid-base buffering;geoinformation technology;cartographic modeling
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The research carried out showed that the amount of the buffering capacity of soil in acid and alkalineranges varied within 27–98% (from low to very high) and 31–81% (from medium to very high) respectively. The specific features of acid-base buffering capacity of soils are in asymmetry with buffering areas. For the first time thecomputer generated models were created using the software package SURFER that will allow to monitor the urban soils’ state in time and space, to estimate the degree of their degradation under the influence of growing technogenic load, tospecify the peculiarities of the formation of ecogeochemical situation in the city. The city map was zoned by acid-base buffering properties of soils based on the theoretical, statistical and visual interpretation of cartographic data.
ISBN: 978-609-476-073-0
ISSN: 2029-5456
Number of Pages: 6
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