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Title: Изучение микроэлектромеханических пьезоэлектрических структур методом атомно-силовой микроскопии
Authors: Базіло, Костянтин Вікторович
Бондаренко, Юлія Юріївна
Медяник, Володимир Володимирович
Keywords: мікроелектромеханічні структури;атомно-силова мікроскопія;комбінована електронна обробка
Issue Date: 18-Sep-2017
Publisher: Датчики, прилади та системи – 2017: VІ Міжнар. науково-техн. конф.
Abstract: Currently leading manufacturers of electronic components serially produced a rather extensive list of elements, in which various microelectromechanical structures are included, such as various accelerometers, which are produced by millions of copies, resonators and electrical signals filters implemented on the their basis, transformers and other microminiature electromechanical systems.The main advantage of using of elements made of piezoceramic materials in measuring devices is determined by their special structure, which allows to implement in one element fundamentally different elements, for example, for simultaneous measurement of temperature, pressure and humidity. The purpose of the work is the investigation of structures, which are formed in piezoelectric ceramics by the combined method of electron micromachining, by the method of atomic force microscopy.
First Page: 45
End Page: 48
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