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Title: Method of Qualitative Evaluation of Central Processor Unit Efficiency of Special Purpose Systems
Authors: Lukashenko, Valentyna
Utkina, Tetiana
Lukashenko, Andriy
Kornukh, V.V.
Aksyonov, S.F.
Voropay, E.V.
Spizhovyi, Yu.V.
Keywords: central processors;microarchitecture;technical parameters;technological process;command pipeline;object-invariant criteria
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Nauka i studia
Abstract: The proposed method of qualitative evaluation of сentral processor unit efficiency by visualizing the sign model and distribution histograms according to the microarchitecture of the сentral processor unit (CPU) for different manufacturers. The method includes: creation of a relational model of a set of CPUs on many parameters, construction of histograms of distribution according to their main technical parameters according to microarchitecture for each firm of a manufacturer of a certain set, development of object-invariant quality criteria and construction of a sign model of dependence of the proposed criteria. Visualization of the proposed criteria accelerates the process of determining the best CPU model of the respective firm across multiple parameters at the same time.
ISSN: 1561-6894
Volume: 202
Issue: 13
First Page: 56
End Page: 63
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