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dc.contributor.authorКостогриз, Ярослав Володимирович-
dc.contributor.authorГальченко, Володимир Якович-
dc.contributor.authorТичков, Володимир Володимирович-
dc.contributor.authorТрембовецька, Руслана Володимирівна-
dc.contributor.authorKostogrys, Ya.V.-
dc.contributor.authorHalchenko, V.Ya.-
dc.contributor.authorTychkov, V.V.-
dc.contributor.authorTrembovetska, R.V.-
dc.description.abstractMeat quality is understood as a combination of properties that demonstrate the suitability of meat for consumption, they include indicators of usefulness (food and biological) and sanitary and veterinary safety (good quality and safety). By benignity, we understand the absence of spoilage processes in meat (rotting, oxidation, bitterness, mold, etc.). Safety indicators - the absence of bacteriological, chemical, mechanical pathogens in the meat (pathogenic microbes, fungi, helminths, toxins, mechanical impurities, etc.). The identification of all these indicators during the examination of meat and especially physico-chemical indicators are a veterinary and sanitary assessment of livestock productsuk_UA
dc.publisherДатчики, прилади та системи–2019 : збірник праці VІІI Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції, Черкасии – Херсон - Лазурне, вересень 2019.uk_UA
dc.subjectmeasuring controluk_UA
dc.subjectpotentiometric methoduk_UA
dc.subjectphysico-chemical controluk_UA
dc.subjectproduct qualityuk_UA
dc.titleInvestigation of physical and chemical quality control of pork productsuk_UA
dc.typePublication in Conference Proceedingsuk_UA
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