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Title: Uncertainty estimation of measuring control of the soil cover state and the conditions for the cultivation of honey plants
Authors: Заїка, Михайло Васильович
Тичков, Володимир Володимирович
Гальченко, Володимир Якович
Трембовецька, Руслана Володимирівна
Zaika, Vasyl
Tychkov, V.V.
Halchenko, V.Ya.
Trembovetska, R.V.
Keywords: measuring control;soil cover;honey plants;uncertainty
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: Датчики, прилади та системи–2019 : збірник праці VІІI Міжнародної науково-технічної конференції, Черкасии – Херсон - Лазурне, вересень 2019.
Abstract: Honey plants are found almost everywhere in the Cherkasy region, but different wild lands are far from being of equal value for their cultivation. The richness of melliferous pastures is determined by the species composition and the number of melliferous plants growing on them. To successfully organize the use of honey pastures and identify the right ways to improve them, we need to know the characteristics of melliferous growing on different types of land, and on this basis to be able to determine the value of the land in the honey bearing and the possibility of its use and improvement. The need to constantly control the condition of the soil cover of planted honey-bearing lands and to measure its qualitative parameters will make it possible to assess the influential components of the total uncertainty of the measurement control
First Page: 26
End Page: 27
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