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Title: Туристичний імідж території: проблеми формування, управління та розвитку
Other Titles: Tourist image of the territory: problems of formation, management and development
Authors: Оболенцева, Лариса Володимирівна
Костіна, Крістіна Миколаївна
Keywords: імідж;туризм;туристичний імідж;маркетинг територій;маркетингові технології;управління;розвиток;конкурентоспроможність;image;tourism;tourist image;territory marketing;marketing technologies;management;development;competitiveness
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Збірник наукових праць Черкаського державного технологічного університету. Серія: Економічні науки
Abstract: У роботі виявлено та обґрунтовано ключові проблеми, які пов’язані з формуванням, управлінням і розвитком туристичного іміджу території. Доведено, що на ефективність процесу формування позитивного туристичного іміджу впливають ряд соціально-організаційних чинників, які визначають кількість туристів у регіоні. В процесі дослідження оцінено чинники, які впливають на маркетинг території. Запропоновано технологію стратегічного управління іміджем туристичної території; виділено і обґрунтовано завдання, які можна вирішити завдяки використанню інструментарію туристичного маркетингу.
The article highlights the main approaches to the determination of tourist image of the territory, namely: marketing, branding and psychological approach. The main stages of the formation of tourist image of territorial-state entity have been proposed. It has been proven that the effectiveness of forming a positive tourist image is influenced by a number of social and organizational factors that determine the number of tourists in the region, in particular, the main and secondary resources, as well as stimulating and restraining factors of tourism development. Systematic research of the target audience is the main stage in the formation of territory image and, at the same time, a necessary condition for its further advancement. That is why we have suggested an algorithm for studying the attitude of consumers of a tourist territorial product to the image of a territory. In order to identify the main competitive advantages and key success factors of the city of Kharkiv, a study has been conducted, the results of which make it possible to identify the factors that increase and decrease the competitiveness of the city of Kharkiv in both Ukrainian and international tourist and recreational services markets. In the course of the research, factors that influence the marketing of the territory have been evaluated. In most cases, the factors influencing the marketing of the territory are the following: marketing research; tourist image; performance of local governments; increase of competition between cities in terms of their attractiveness for the placement of new enterprises, residents, tourists; attraction of residents to address specific city development issues; the restructuring of the economy in connection with the transition to new technologies. As the study has shown, all these factors have an impact on the marketing of the territory and the competitiveness of the city. However, tourist image and marketing research are the most significant factors. The technology of strategic management by the image of tourist territory is presented; it consists of five stages: diagnostics of the existing image of the territory, setting goals, formation of the image strategy, development of an action program, implementation and monitoring. It has been proved that through the use of tools of territorial marketing, it is possible to solve such tasks as: to form and improve the image of the territory; to increase the prestige and competitiveness of the territory; to increase consumption of services and resources; to satisfy customers’ needs; to increase the level of territory popularity; to increase investment attractiveness
ISSN: 2306-4420
DOI: 10.24025/2306-4420.0.52.2019.160391
Issue: 52
First Page: 56
End Page: 64
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