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Title: Cognitive model fo and conflicts in scientific projects, Science and Education a New Dimension
Authors: Semko, Inga
Bedrii, Dmytro
Keywords: project management methodology;scientific project;cognitive modeling;impact assessment;personnel risks;conflicts
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Natural and Technical Sciences
Abstract: This study contains materials on the application of project management methodology in any field of human activity, including scientific one. According to the analysis of publications of scientists, it has been established that cognitive modeling today is an effective tool for impact assessment of any factors on project implementation. It is suggested to assess the impact of personnel risks and conflicts that may arise in the process of implementing the scientific projects and have both positive and negative effects on them, using, the cognitive map and model are presented. It is established that the results of this modeling will give the head and members of his team a visual overview of the existing impact of personnel risks and conflicts.
ISSN: 2308-5258(print)
DOI: 10.31174/SEND-NT2019-206VII25-08
Volume: VII(25)
Issue: 206
First Page: 33
End Page: 36
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