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Title: The pecularities of projects for digital business transformation
Authors: Danchenko, Olena
Bedrii, Dmytro
Tkachenko, Valentyn
Semko, Oleksandr
Kharuta, Vitalii
Данченко, Олена Борисівна
Бедрій, Дмитро Іванович
Ткаченко, Валентин Федорович
Семко, Олександр Вікторович
Keywords: project;digital transformation;project management;methodologies;business process;Waterfall;Scrum;PRINCE2
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: The scientific heritage
Abstract: As a part of the research, digital transformation is regarded as a project. In accordance with the project management methodology, digitalized projects are similar to analogous projects in other industries and are characterized by the temporaryity and creation of a unique product (service). Some projects are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty in the process of forming the requirements of the project and methods for their implementation. The usage of information technologies to create and reorganize business processes has become of great importance and common for IT technologies in combination with project management methodologies, among which Waterfall, Scrum, PRINCE2 being the most popular.
ISSN: 9215-0365
DOI: 10.24412/9215-0365-2021-65-1-51-55
Volume: 1
Issue: 65
First Page: 51
End Page: 55
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