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Title: Аналіз факторів ринку оренди житлової нерухомості в Україні
Other Titles: Analysis of the factors of rental housing market in Ukraine
Authors: Садовяк, Михайло Степанович
Keywords: ринок оренди житлової нерухомості;фактори ринку оренди житла;сезонність ринку;попит;пропозиція;ціноутворення ринку оренди нерухомості;rental housing market;factors of rental housing market;seasonality of market;demand;supply;pricing of rental housing market
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Збірник наукових праць Черкаського державного технологічного університету. Серія: Економічні науки
Abstract: Досліджено особливості ринку оренди житла порівняно з ринком купівлі-продажу. Визначено основні функції ринку оренди нерухомості. З’ясовано, які фактори формують попит на цьому ринку. Охарактеризовано причини і прояви сезонності на ринку оренди нерухомості. Описано механізми формування пропозиції та особливості ціноутворення. Виокремлено і проаналізовано особливості подобової оренди житла. Простежено основні тенденції ринку оренди нерухомості м. Львів.
The rental market is a reflection of social economic situation in the country as a whole, in a separate region or even in a separate locality. The features of the rental housing market compared with the sales market are investigated. The main functions of the rental housing market are determined. It is found out which factors form the demand in this market. The need to rent a real estate is determined by a certain set of factors, in particular, migration (arrived persons) and the creation of new families. The rental housing market is seasonal. In large cities, the real estate demand is significantly reduced in summer months and will be significantly enhanced in late August – early September. The real estate supply is formed by the construction of a new housing and population migration. The reasons and manifestations of seasonality in the rental housing market are described. The peculiarities of the mechanisms of supply pricing formation are considered. The rent charge depends on the city district, the rooms quantity and the area of the apartment offered for rent, the floor and total number of floors of the house, the availability of parking, the energy efficiency of the apartment, the internal condition and the situation in the apartment, the landlord's and the renter relations, etc. The features of real estate daily rent are singled out and analyzed. The main tendencies of the rental housing market in Lviv are considered. The characteristics of the rental housing market in Lviv are determined by the traditionally high demand for housing rental for the following reasons: demand is largely shaped and substantially increases by September due to the large amount of students, flows of migrant workers, and tourism. It is difficult to estimate the volume of rental offers, since there are no special statistical observations, and much of this business is in the "shadow". Despite its dynamic development, the rental housing market remains one of the most shadow (non-observed) ones
ISSN: 2306-4420
DOI: 10.24025/2306-4420.0.52.2019.160463
Issue: 52
First Page: 21
End Page: 29
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