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Title: Теоретичні аспекти реалізації маркетингової концепції на ринку спортивно-оздоровчих послуг
Other Titles: Theoretical aspects of the implementation of marketing concept in the market of sports and health services
Authors: Черданцева, Ірина Геннадіївна
Ібрагімова, Людмила Сільвестрівна
Ібрагімов, Еміль Юсирович
Keywords: слова:спортивно-оздоровчі послуги;фітнес-клуби;фітнес-ринок;маркетинг спортивно-оздоровчих послуг;sports and health services;fitness clubs;fitness market;marketing of sports and health services
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Збірник наукових праць Черкаського державного технологічного університету. Серія: Економічні науки
Abstract: У статті досліджується перспективність застосування маркетингової концепції на ринку спортивно-оздоровчих послуг, аналізуються результати маркетингових досліджень даного ринку, визначається доцільність застосування маркетингових інструментів для вирішення проблем розвитку ринку спортивно-оздоровчих послуг України.
Today, physical activity and sports are increasingly penetrating into our everyday lives, the number of sports clubs and organizations is increasing, the number of people involved in sports is rising, and the number and quality of sports facilities and fitness clubs are growing. The marketing concept provides for fundamentally new approaches and tools that allow enterprises (organizations, institutions), which provide sports and recreational services, to function effectively in the conditions of uncertainty of the external environment, to solve successfully long-term strategic tasks, to get into new markets and bring new services to them, to adapt to changing market conditions. The main participants in the market, and, consequently, marketing relations in the field of sports and health services are the following: 1) consumers of sports and health services (individuals, enterprises, organizations, institutions); 2) producers of sports and health services (enterprises, organizations, institutions); 3) intermediary structures (enterprises, organizations, institutions); 4) the state represented by bodies of state administration of physical culture and sports; 5) marketing specialists (individuals, firms, divisions (departments, services, etc.) of enterprises, organizations, institutions of the sports and recreation profile. The value of Ukrainian market of sports and health services was estimated by analysts at 675 million dollars at the end of 2016. At the same time, the level of demand for sports services in Ukraine still remains far from world indicators (for example, in the USA, 20 % of the population are permanent members of sports clubs). At the same time, the potential market capacity reaches 2 billion dollars. The main players in the market are still networks of fitness centers of the middle price segment. The most numerous networks are SportLife (40 sports clubs all over Ukraine), «Sportland» (eight clubs in Kiev), MyFit (four clubs), InterFit (three sports clubs) and «Planet Fitness» (two sports clubs), as well as companies operating in the premium segment: «5 Element», «Grand Prix», Tsarsky, «Aquarium», «Podilsky», Sportlife Deluxe [6]. In 2018, it should be expected the opening of budget clubs with low investment and sufficient demand for services - the fitness market of Ukraine will move towards pragmatism according to European model. Meanwhile, despite the withdrawal of some players, the problem of personnel shortage is still topical in the market. Market operators admit that the provision of quality coaching staff will be a major challenge for them in 2018. Thus, the problem of marketing activities of sports and health enterprises is, on the one hand, connected with the solution of classical marketing issues in relation to commodity, pricing, communication, marketing and personnel policy, and, on the other hand, has a number of features, which are mainly conditioned by the sphere of sports and health services, and by consumers of these services as well. The analysis of the composition and functions of participants in marketing relationships, objects, problem content and features of marketing activities in the field of sports and recreational services provides an opportunity to state, that marketing is so complex and multifaceted phenomenon that it cannot be characterized by one universal definition quite fully and correctly. The main task of marketing in the field of sports and health services is, without interfering in the sovereignty of the consumer, to form his consumer behavior in such a way, that he becomes a constant supporter of sports and health services and at the same time prefers the services of the economic entity that uses marketing and its capabilities the most effectively
ISSN: 2306-4420
DOI: 10.24025/2306-4420.0.49.2018.136339
Issue: 49
First Page: 59
End Page: 67
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