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Other Titles: Interference of students of foreign students in the process of professionally oriented intercultural communication
Authors: Береза, Людмила Олександрівна
Keywords: міжкультурна комунікація;мовна інтерференція;міжмовна інтерференція;внутрішньомовна інтерференція;українська мова як іноземна;постановка звуків;мовні помилки;мовленнєві навички;intercultural communication;linguistic interference;interlingua interference;intralinguistic interference;Ukrainian as a foreign language;sounding;language mistakes;speaking skills
Issue Date: 17-Oct-2017
Publisher: Вісник Черкаського університету. Серія ПЕДАГОГІЧНІ НАУКИ
Abstract: Introduction. In this article is considering a process of studying Ukrainian as foreign language taking into interference interlingua and intralinguistic impacts. Indicated, that reaches of Ukrainian language’s lexical base, multivolume of lexical units and also different sorts of linguistic interference are great extent compounded the process of mastering Ukrainian language by foreign students. Purpose is to analyze the peculiarities of interference phenomena in the process of professionally oriented intercultural communication of foreign students and to offer ways to eliminate the most typical mistakes in various types of speech activity while studying the Ukrainian language. The following methods were used in the investigation: theoretical – studying of scientific literature to determine the state of research in pedagogical and methodological science, the issue of the Ukrainian language learning process for foreign students in higher educational institutions of Ukraine; theoretical and methodological, terminological and system analysis; empirical – pedagogical observations; analysis of mistakes that arise during the learning process. Originality. Investigated a question of linguistic, interlingua and intralinguistic interference. Partly realized a classification of typical errors, that happened in the process of mastering Ukrainian language by foreign students. Fundamental sorts of linguistic interference: interlingua (including phonetic, orthographical, grammatical, lexical, semantic, stylistic and linguistic-country research interference, which arise as a result of influence a student’s native language or another foreign language learned early at mastering Ukrainian language) and intralinguistic (including phonetic, orthographical, grammatical, lexical, semantic, stylistic and linguistic-country research interference, which arise as a result of acquiring on the elementary stage skills of execution and using «new» language getting in conflict with those skills, which forming on next stages of studying that language) is determined on the basis of investigation the most typical errors in Ukrainian speech of foreign students. Reasons of arising linguistic interference are explicated in the article. Results. Realized comparison of acoustic systems of Ukrainian and Arabic languages, that confirms imperfection an implementation of Ukrainian phonemes by Arabic students in perception and reconstruction speech process. Determined, that consecution of giving phonetic material must go on «from simple to complex» principle, because thusly articulation of Ukrainian sounds is training. Notice, that during studying foreign language it’s needed take into consideration an influence of student’s native language, but we need to escape it, because most often conducting an analogy with native language lead to mistakes during studying another language. Conclusion. The conducted research makes it possible to establish that intensification of the phenomenon of interference in view of a random phonetic coincidence occurs during the sound perception of speech, that is, interference the skills of auditory analysis. The author came to the conclusion that teaching foreigners of the Ukrainian language should clearly choose the lexical minimum in accordance with the purpose, objectives and profile of teaching.
Розглянуто процес навчання української мови як іноземної з огляду на інтерференційні міжмовні й внутрішньомовні впливи. Досліджено питання мовної, міжмовної й внутрішньомовної інтерференції. Здійснено класифікацію найбільш типових помилок, що трапляються у процесі опанування української мови іноземними студентами. На основі проведеного дослідження найтиповіших помилок в українському мовленні іноземних студентів визначено основні види мовної інтерференції. З’ясовано причини виникнення мовної інтерференції. Здійснено порівняння звукових систем української й арабської мов, яке підтверджує порушення реалізації українських фонем арабськими студентами у процесі сприйняття й відтворення мовлення.
Issue: №13-14
First Page: 22
End Page: 28
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