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Title: Features of teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language
Authors: Береза, Людмила Олександрівна
Bereza, Liudmila
Vrublevska, Tetiana
Matusevych, Liudmyla
Mykytyn, Iryna
Fedorova, Oleksandra
Keywords: Ukrainian language;foreign language;intercultural education;communication skills;pedagogical technologies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Laplage em Revista
Abstract: The purpose of the research is in establishing efficiency and determination of features of teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language. The main hypothesis is that involving a number of learning approaches-based activation and intensification of students' activities and the component of intercultural education increases success, reduces the range of difficulties and problems faced by students in the process of learning Ukrainian as a foreign language. The leading method in the study is the method of experiment. Auxiliary to the pedagogical experiment gave methods of observation and questionnaires. Statistical methods were used to evaluate the results of the experiment. The promising direction in the future is the direction of research attention and activities on the ways of forming skills and abilities of Ukrainian as a foreign language, the process of forming communicative competence, which involves creating favorable didactic and psychological conditions for learning foreign languages.
ISSN: 2446-6220
DOI: 10.24115/S2446-622020217Extra-C1018p.339-349
Volume: 7
Issue: Extra C
First Page: 339
End Page: 349
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