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Title: Calculation of the Parameters of the Technological Current Density Distribution during Wire Electrode Electrochemical Processing
Authors: Osypenko, Vasyl
Stupak, Denys
Tryhub, Oksana
Bilan, Anatolii
Осипенко, Василь Іванович
Ступак, Денис Олегович
Тригуб, Оксана Анатоліївна
Білан, Анатолій Валентинович
Keywords: wire electrode;anodic dissolution;apply electrochemistry;surface engineer;anode current density
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry
Abstract: This article is devoted to the calculation of the electrostatic field configuration in the interelec trode gap during electrochemical treatment using thin wire electrodes. The results calculated are experimen tally verified. The possibility of predicting the accuracy of the detailed formation and for calculating the needed processing modes using the drawings of the applied perspective hybrid technology has been shown.
ISSN: 1068 3755
DOI: 10.3103/S106837551202010X
Volume: 48
Issue: 2
First Page: 105
End Page: 110
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